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School Directory

2020-2021 Magnolia School Directory

Head of School

Annamarie Omanga

Head of School


Fr. Peter Arriagada



Colleen Block

6th – 8th Grades Science Teacher

Amy Champagne
Sarah Cosgray

7th Grade Homeroom, 2nd – 8th Grade Art Teacher
6th – 8th Grades Intermediate Studio Art Elective

Nicole Fair

2nd – 5th Grade Music Teacher,
6th – 8th Grades Musical Theater & Choir Electives

Jennifer Hill

2nd Grade Teacher

Amanda Leger

8th Grade Homeroom, 6th – 7th Grades History Teacher
7th – 8th Grade Mock Trial Elective

Elena Nieto

4th -5th Grades Religion, 5th Grade Science Teacher

Malia Passmore

2nd – 3rd Grades Religion Teacher

Emma Rocha

2nd – 8th Grades PE, Athletic Director

Gemma Scarpino

8th Grade History Teacher,
6th – 8th Grades Musical Theater, 7th – 8th Logic & Debate Electives

Mary Stamos

4th Grade Homeroom

Jennifer Thompson

6th Grade Homeroom, Grammar & Composition
7th – 8th Grades Literature & Poetry, Grammar & Composition

Christine West

6th – 8th Grades Religion Teacher

Maki Yordan

5th Grade Homeroom, 6th Grade Literature & Poetry

Jessica Langley

7th – 8th Grades Math


Margaret Cronin

Dean of Academics | 6th – 8th Grades Latin Teacher

Florentina Ganem

Director of Operations

Helena Mestre

Assistant to the Head of School
6th – 8th Grades Spanish Language & Culture Elective

Libby Clancy

Learning Specialist

Tabitha Koby

Admissions Coordinator

Ola Moukarim


Laura Parra


Maria Luisa Lares

Advancement Support

Daniela Diederichs

Advancement Support, Events, Marketing

Stacy Lord

Receptionist, Lower School

Stacy Hardison

Receptionist, Upper School, 6th Grade Math