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Corpus Christi

Join us Thursday, May 27th as our community comes together to honor Our Lord with a solemn procession on our campus. Eucharistic Processions have a storied history in the Church and have been celebrated worldwide for centuries. We are pleased to share this tradition with the students and families of Magnolia School.

We will begin the morning with Mass, beginning at 8:15 a.m., followed by the procession. All Magnolia families are invited to attend. Please park at Woodhaven Church 9920 Long Point Rd, Houston, TX 77055.

We are looking forward to honoring Our Lord and praise Him for the good work that has been completed thus far at Magnolia, and to ask Him to help us in Magnolia’s expansion.


All Magnolia families are welcome and needed to help us with this event. On Sunday, May 23rd, we will gather on campus to prepare and dye sawdust which will be used to create a beautiful pathway and decorations around campus for the procession. On Thursday, May 27th, families are needed to stay after the procession to assist with cleanup. Please sign-up to assist below!