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Defining Elements

Magnolia School’s faculty and administration maintain that good habits of the mind and of the heart are the building blocks of a woman’s personal excellence and success. To help each student reach her highest potential, Magnolia offers a balanced liberal arts course of studies spanning the arts, the humanities, mathematics and sciences. Students are stimulated to explore their intellectual strengths, interests and creative abilities through a challenging curriculum that promotes mastery of the skills and the knowledge base that lays the foundation for lifelong learning.

Parent Partnership Personal Mentoring All-Girls School Liberal Arts Education Cultivation of Virtue Freedom and Responsibility

Magnolia School prepares young girls for a life marked by excellence, goodness, and joy. We believe in the value of single-sex education and the personal mentoring that is aligned with the girls’ stages of development.

We teach our students to respect themselves and others, to grow in virtue, to advocate for their beliefs and to build lasting friendships. The girls will understand themselves in the light of Christian truth and acquire the character to live happy lives in the service of God and others.

Parent partnership is foundational to the vision and philosophy of Magnolia School. We are committed to supporting parents as the primary educators of their children.

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