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Excellent Academics through an Integrated Liberal Arts Education

Vision and Philosophy Defining Elements Careers

Magnolia School will prepare young women for a life distinguished by excellence, goodness, and joy. Recognizing that in a wholly realized education, knowledge and love go hand-in-hand; Magnolia School offers a rich, rigorous liberal arts curriculum designed to develop our students’ intellectual and moral virtues. Girls will leave Magnolia School ready to lead, learn, and serve.

Magnolia School students will acquire habits of mind and heart that will stay with them throughout their lives. Whether math or physics, English or fine arts, the disciplines covered are explored theoretically and practically so that students understand the roots of what they know, the appropriate standards of mastery for the discipline, its possible applications, and the ability to express themselves with precision and beauty.

In rising to the challenge of a Magnolia School education, students develop a commitment to personal integrity, to the pursuit of the truth, and to the responsible use of freedom. We encourage our girls to strive for excellence in an environment that promotes the exploration of ideas and talents. Students then gain confidence through competence and experience, a springboard for success in college and beyond.

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