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Recommended Reading

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The books listed here are good and beautiful. Some are focused on fostering an appreciation for the natural world, while others present particularly positive images of family life and relationships. A few are simply fun and playful in their language and illustrations. They explore themes such as the cultivation of virtue, what it means to live an authentically human life, and how to be a true friend.

Printable List

There are a variety of types of books listed here, including picture books, introductory chapter books for emerging readers, and longer novels. They can be enjoyed in various ways by different members of the family. A longer chapter book can serve as an excellent read-aloud, even for a reader who might not be quite ready to read it on her own. A beautiful picture book can be savored by the whole family, from toddler to teen. A shorter chapter book can be an encouraging and manageable entrance into the vast world of literature for a new reader. Use these books as you see fit to enhance your family’s educational culture.

Please understand that we have made an effort to review the books contained herein but cannot guarantee that they will be completely in alignment with every family’s personal standards for acceptable content. As parents, you are the primary educators of your children and the decision of what constitutes appropriate literature ultimately rests in your capable hands. We hope that this list introduces your family to new authors, characters, and stories that will enrich your lives.

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