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Kiln (KMT-1027)


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Skutt’s KMT Series Kilnmaster Touchscreen Kilns offer electronically controlled, digital firing with traditional Skutt features and quality. Skutt’s automatic kilns integrate the finest in quality features with the new KilnMaster touchscreen electronic controllers. Automatic kilns provide firing accuracy, convenience, and repeatable results.
There are no more junior cones to buy, store, or set. You can easily fire between cones too, by entering an exact temperature into the program. For advanced artists and production studios, it means more precise control and less time spent monitoring firings. For the hobbyist, it means more enjoyment of the creative work and fewer worries about switch settings.
The controller’s touchscreen technology is super-intuitive and easy to use. Much like a Smartphone, the KMT controller navigates with just a touch of a finger and provides programming guidance using full sentences, helpful icons, and dynamic navigation. A Guided Start feature helps even first-time users successfully enter programs, and an innovative hinge mount allows for positioning the controller to the proper angle for viewing, which eliminates awkward angles when entering programs. Built-in wifi makes it possible to download free software feature upgrades, which is like having a new Kiln Controller for the life of the kiln. A downloadable app allows for remote temperature monitoring. Help screens walk users through every procedure.
Skutt KMT Series Kilnmaster Touchscreen Kilns are the very best when teamed with the Skutt EnviroVent Kiln Ventilation System. Program the kiln and proper ventilation is assured.
Control features include a power switch, a smooth touch pad, a digital readout showing prompts, messages, and temperature,an alarm setting, delay firing option, and more. KM Series Kilns offer slow, medium, or fast firing speeds. Use cone fire mode to let you enter desired cone number. Limited 2-year warranty, UL and CSA listed.

Please note this is a wish list item that will be donated to Magnolia School.

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