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Pineda Covalin Monarch Butterfly Poncho


This design is inspired by the Monarch Butterfly. For the cultures of pre-Hispanic Mexico, the butterfly symbolizes the soul, fire and movement, concepts that they left embodied in their literature and archaeological pieces.

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Currently we can admire the Monarch Butterfly in the Sanctuaries of the Angangueo Ecological Reserve in the State of Michoacán, Mexico, where they spend the winter and then fly to Canada at the beginning of spring. 100% Silk ABOUT THE COMPANY PINEDA COVALIN was founded in 1996 with the main objective of sharing with the world the wealth of Mexico, its traditions, cultures and natural beauty represented on their designs. They exalt the cultural richness of Mexico through colors, patterns and forms, which allude to Huichol prints, the Monarch Butterfly, Day of the Dead, and other traditions.